Take the Test! . . . . . Are You . .

  • Needing to heal from how others have harmed you?
  • Experiencing confusion or exhaustion in trying to make the Christian life work?
  • Finding your faith is more a placebo than a real solution for life?
  • Feeling afraid to trust others for fear of being judged or betrayed?
  • Thirsting for a richer relationship with God and others?
  • Finding your Christian commitment is more draining than empowering?

Then maybe it’s time you were refreshed within a community that has learned to truly care.

Quotes From Attendees:

  • “As a favour to a friend we came as exhausted people. After the first session we knew we were in the right place.” - Jason & Charlene Ryan (Site pastors for Riverwood’s Warehouse 11:15 Service)
  • “I’ve gained a completely new understand of how powerful relationships are for transforming the Christian life!” President of a Canadian Christian Discipleship Ministry
  • “I was able to be myself and not worry about what other people think.” Anonymous Participant
  • “In 3 months it helped me more to overcome shame than 5 years of counseling did.” Anonymous Participant

Western Culture Hides the Living H2O We All Long For

Our social norms interfere with the deep connecting we long for. The following are examples of social norms that work against the formation of rich community.

  • Successful people don’t need help from others. We think asking for help is a sign of failure. This is the opposite of what scripture teaches – it teaches we are a body, members of one another where we need each other. “ The foot cannot say to the hand I don’t need you.”
  • Mask wearing is an accepted social practice for how to connect well. How we dress, what we drive, worthiness from how we appear makeup so much of the strategy for connecting with others. We see authenticness as the path to social rejection and being viewed as a social misfit.
  • Worthiness is achieved as a by-product of what we do, what we have accomplished and what others think of us. This is opposite to what scripture teaches. Our true worthiness comes from Christ. Worthiness through effort creates competition and it destroys the flow of life from God into our innermost being.
When our cultural practices prevent the vital connecting that is essential for spiritual growth, it becomes near impossible to break free by ourselves. But, when we participate in a group who want to develop a better way of connecting, amazing things can happen.

When our relationships become superficial, nourishment from God becomes superficial & we miss out on experiencing the deep life-giving relationships that God uses to deliver living water to our souls.

Grace Based Living

Grace was meant to be experienced in relationships. In the growing world of contagious communities we are learning to live lives so that grace can be experienced with each other. The Hidden H2O workshop is an introduction to grace-filled living, life-changing relationships and a broader community who are making deep connecting with others a life-long priority.

Next Workshops

The next series of workshops start in the fall of 2020 at Riverwood Church Community, Factory Location at 257 Riverton Ave, Winnipeg MB

Zoom Groups will also be supported so groups can meet in separate homes or by groups of individuals connecting through zoom.
Workshop series is 6 sessions long from November 5 till December 10, 2020

Please register by sending an email to howard at contagiouscommunities.com

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The above website provides more details on the philosophy behind Hidden H2O workshops